Luana. Demi Lovato literally ruined my life.
Q: your blog it's amazing♥.

omg thank you bby, you’re so sweet!

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aw thank you so much bby <3

April 19th
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"There’s nothing more beautiful than authenticity. There’s nothing uglier than transparency. Your imperfections make you perfect.."

Demi + Her assistant, Natalie. 


Sexual orientation: Demi Lovato screaming “Love Me” during Give Me Love

Demi dancing to Neon Lights.

"Sometimes in life, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have. It’s imperative to remember to be thankful for all you have. When you focus on all the beautiful things in your life, you will attract that in abundance and you connect with the many blessings in your life. Sometimes when I wake up or before I go to sleep, I make a list of everything I’m grateful for and before I know it, I have pages of things and I am smiling and beaming with complete happiness.”

Demi’s reaction to people singing along.